HEX: The Great Exhibition has a date and a venue!

We have just booked the most perfect venue for HEX: The Great Exhibition ❤️ Which also means we have a date! October 17th 2020!
We have scored Vår Frues Gate 4. It is the 3rd oldest building in Trondheim. The earliest traces of the building are from 1709 but its known history is from 1782.

From 1856-1916 it was a chocolate steam factory, patisserie and café owned by Trondheim’s most famous connoisseur Ernst Erichsen.
In HEX it is the headquarters of the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (which in fact is a real thing!) ❤️

HEX – our new project!

We are already working on new projects and can now reveal the name and concept for our two-part larp event: HEX.

The first part is Hollow Earth Expedition Letter Larp (shortened to HEX Letter Larp) and the second is Hollow Earth: The Great Exhibition (shortened to HEX: The Great Exhibition), a one day Nordic Style larp in Trondheim, Norway.

It’s time to delve into the mysteries of Hollow Earth inspired by Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Centre of the Earth from 1864. Dust off your best Victorian/Edwardian stove-pipe pants and petticoats in this Gaslight Fantasy Adventure!

HEX Letter Larp will start November 1st 2019 (sign up in October!) to April 30th 2020.

HEX: The Great Exhibition is a one day larp in Trondheim, Norway 17th October 2020. Sign up ends March 2020.
You can sign up for both events or just one of them.

HUSH! Silence is Survival 2nd run?

HUSH! has ended and we are still euphoric! A massive thanks to our great team of players! Without you, none of this would have happened ❤️ We are considering making a second run of HUSH! at some point, make sure to stay updated on FB.

HUSH! Silence is Survival 2019

Our first project HUSH! – our baby – had a successful run Aug/Sept 2019! We were so excited to see this project and the characters come to life; we could barely believe it was happening!

28 players ( and 5 NPC players) came from all over; Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and the USA to explore what it would be like in Minnesota in the year 2025, five years after the alien monsters named the Settlers arrived and slaughtered most of the population. The Settlers hunt by sound only, so only the few who could keep completely silent survived.

Hill community thrives despite having family feuds and other internal struggles. The Millers, the Argents and the Hardys are trying to cope as new people arrive. The upcoming election, wedding and several funerals take priority, resources are strained, and conflicts rise. But there is one thing Hill community still have going for them. They have a system in place telling them when it’s safe to make noise and when it is not. Nobody understands how it works, when and for how long it will last. They just know to trust it when it does.

HUSH! Silence is Survival is supported by Ravn

We are delighted to announce that HUSH! has received financial support from Ravn.

Ravn is a Norwegian volunteer organisation whose purpose is to support LARP in Norway. The website is in Norwegian only, but we do encourage anyone who wants to support Norwegian LARP to become members. It’s free to become a member and totally voluntary.