Hollow Earth Expedition
Letter Larp
November 1st 2019 –
April 2020

Hollow Earth
The Great Exhibition

Trondheim, Norway
October 17th 2020

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Latest News

HEX Website Launch and Sign Up!

Finally! HEX website and events are launched ❤️

It’s time to delve into the mysteries of Hollow Earth inspired by Jules Verne’s “A Journey to the Centre of the Earth” from 1864. Dust off your best Victorian/Edwardian stove-pipe pants and petticoats in this Gaslight fantasy adventure!

HEX is a two-part larp event. The first is Hollow Earth Expedition Letter Larp (shortened to HEX Letter Larp).

The second is Hollow Earth: The Great Exhibition (shortened to HEX: The Great Exhibition), a one day Nordic Style larp in Trondheim, Norway.

Sign up for both is now open! You can join the letter larp anytime between November 1st 2019 and March 30th 2020.

Sign up for The Great Exhibition ends March 1st. You can sign up for both or just one of them ❤️

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About Us

Riveting LARP is a dynamic female duo of LARP organisers based in the wilds of Trondheim, Norway.

We share years of experience with LARP, tabletop and online roleplaying games (RPGs), and storytelling between us. With a love of the dramatic and an equal delight in the low-key complex interpersonal dynamics, we hope to deliver LARPs that are interesting, fun and inclusive!

We have both been part of several organiser groups. HUSH! was our first event organised as Riveting LARP, and we have several other projects lined up as well. So stay tuned!

A media and communication connoisseur and generally a fun-loving geekgirl, she enjoys creating memorable moments for her players as a long time running game master of tabletop RPGs. With great enthusiasm she looks forward to having more stories come to life through LARP.  

A total Firefly and horror nerd, she loves to tell a story – particularly the dark and gritty kind. With a keen interest in social dynamics and a solid 18 years of writing experience playing and running RPGs online, she is thrilled to be getting her teeth into writing more LARPs.

We could not have this hobby without the love, patience and support from family and friends.

A very special thanks to everyone who has, and still are helping us out with media, practical, technical, and digital stuff.
You have a special place in our hearts and can consider yourselves Honorary Riveter Girls forever!

A big shout out to our friends and family who are sticking with us through all of this. Organising larps is fun but all consuming.
We know.

We ❤️ you all.