LIGHTHOUSE is a Dark Web community of people all over the world who have seen through the veil and experienced that the fabric of reality is unraveling. It’s an online forum where knowledge, experiences and secrets of the paranormal are shared between the members to help understand the horror that’s ripping our world apart. 

LIGHTHOUSE is an online paranormal horror larp in a contemporary setting primarily played out on a forum with the potential for small in-person meetups.

Sign up and game start August 15th.

Don’t suffer alone. 

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Hollow Earth Expedition
Letter Larp
November 1st 2019 –
May 31st 2020

Hollow Earth
The Great Exhibition

Trondheim, Norway
October 23rd 2021
NB! New date

Latest News

HEX: The Great Exhibition Postponed to October 2021

We are following the progress of the Corona/Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in Norway very closely and, although we are seeing a slow loosening of those restrictions, we can’t in good conscience agree to run the larp in October when things are so uncertain, so it’s with a heavy heart that we are postponing the larp to October 23rd 2021.
We understand that some of our players might not be able to join us in October 2021. In January 2021 we will send out an email so that each can confirm their participation or not. We will open the sign up anyway for those wishing to be on our reserve list, so please let your friends know that it might still be possible to join!

Covid-19/Corona Adjustments Update!

Norway continues its lock-down until after the Easter holiday and at the moment we don’t know what the future brings. This could most likely continue for a while and we are continuously discussing our options when it comes to HEX Letter Larp and HEX: The Great Exhibition.

HEX: The Great Exhibition: We are going forward as normal for now and unless something happens before, we will make a decision on August 17th to stay on course, cancel or postpone. We have updated our website with some adjustments. Originally we said that payment is in two installments, with the 1st payment due May 1st (non-refundable) and the 2nd due June 1st. We have postponed the payment dates to June 1st (1st payment) and July 1st (2nd payment). 

HEX Letter Larp: We are still accepting sign ups! We are now at 69 sign ups, 13 nationalities, with ages ranging 20-70. We are prolonging the letter larp by one more month, so now it ends on May 31st instead! We have said that it’s okay to take a break and we have also relaxed our ruling about email correspondence instead of letters as an adjustment to health regulations.

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About Us

Riveting LARP is a dynamic female duo of LARP organisers based in the wilds of Trondheim, Norway.

We share years of experience with LARP, tabletop and online roleplaying games (RPGs), and storytelling between us. With a love of the dramatic and an equal delight in the low-key complex interpersonal dynamics, we hope to deliver LARPs that are interesting, fun and inclusive!

We have both been part of several organiser groups. HUSH! in 2019 was our first event organised as Riveting LARP. Since then we have had several other projects and more lined up as well. So stay tuned!

A media and communication connoisseur and generally a fun-loving geekgirl, she enjoys creating memorable moments for her players as a long time running game master of tabletop RPGs. With great enthusiasm she looks forward to having more stories come to life through LARP.  

A total Firefly and horror nerd, she loves to tell a story – particularly the dark and gritty kind. With a keen interest in social dynamics and a solid 18 years of writing experience playing and running RPGs online, she is thrilled to be getting her teeth into writing more LARPs.

We could not have this hobby without the love, patience and support from family and friends.

A very special thanks to everyone who has, and still are helping us out with media, practical, technical, and digital stuff.
You have a special place in our hearts and can consider yourselves Honorary Riveter Girls forever!

A big shout out to our friends and family who are sticking with us through all of this. Organising larps is fun but all consuming.
We know.

We ❤️ you all.