A larp inspired by What We Do In The Shadows movie (2014) and tv-show (2019-)
in Trondheim, Norway
November 25th 2023

There are no tickets left but we accept waiting list sign ups!

The Good Grief!

Every tenth year The Nordic Vampire Court of Grievances, a jury of wise and experienced vampire elders, convenes in a town on a rotating schedule in order to hear out the petty and trivial grievances of vampire kind. Or, at least that was supposed to be the plan. 

From before even the first meeting, things went straight to hell in a contaminated blood bag. 

No wise and experienced Vampire Elder actually wanted the rather dubious honour of presiding over this kind of shit show. In fact, the «honour» was so unappealing that special titles had to be created in order to shift this odious duty onto previously ambitious threats, annoying cohorts, or embarrassing failures. 

Over time the Elders have subtly but irrevocably removed themselves from any kind of responsibility to the Court of Grievances. As a result, any openings on the Court created by unfortunate “accidental” deaths and disappearances of council members are dealt with by the not very ceremonious voting in of an unwilling victim by the general vampiric populace. Of course, with the Elders having washed their hands of the whole concept, the Court of Grievances finds itself with a budget that is less than ideal, often resulting in an interesting locale and set up. The standards have slipped so far from the original intention that the event has now been stuck with an affectionate nickname, “The Good Grief”

And all that was before the Werewolves started taking an interest. At first it was just one or two, showing up to relieve themselves in the topiary and cause trouble. Then it started to grow as the wolves turned up to defend themselves from accusations – “The Byåsen Pack have been digging up my aunt Hildebrand when she’s sleeping to take photographs of her to sell online”, “The Ekenäs Pack broke into my house and held a day party, there are cigarette burns in the sofa!”. These days you won’t manage to hold a Court of Grievances without a solid representation from the were-community. 

This part describes everything you can expect participating in The Good Grief! It will give you an idea of what we want to achieve and what we expect you to contribute with.
It is required reading before signing up.

What Is LARPing?

LARP (live action roleplay) or LAIV in Norwegian (short for Levende Rollespill) is an interactive theatre experience, a full immersive game, where participants act out roles, dress in costumes, and use props in a fictional setting. The participants work together to create a story through improvisation. As a participant in a larp you switch seamlessly between portraying your character and playing support to the other participants, constructing a shared social reality within a framework set by the larp designers

We will use larp terminology such as OOC (Out-Of-Character), IC (In-Character), IG (In-Game) and OOG (Out-Of-Game) to differentiate between what you as a player do and need to know, and what you as the character can do and knows.

You as a player: OOC (Out-Of-Character) and OOG (Out-Of-Game)
You as the character: IC (In-Character) and IG (In-Game)

The Good Grief! is a one day Nordic larp style game, which means it’s a traditional larp where you are physically portraying your character in a fully immersive setting. 

This larp is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced larpers.

This is a LGBTQI+ friendly larp. 

International larp
The Good Grief! is international and open to anyone from around the world. Everything will be in English but don’t worry, your English is good enough!

Stand alone 
This larp is a stand alone, a one day larp, but we acknowledge that this is a type of larp that can be serialised and we are open to run more of them (something like an annual thing) or if someone else wants to run one, we are open to that happening. 

Sign Up and Character Creation

Sign up opens February 8th 2023 and closes May 1st 2023. We are accepting waiting list sign ups after May 1st.

This LARP is not “first come, first served”. We will make our selections based on gender and group dynamics with some preference given to first time larpers. Shortly after the sign up closes everyone will get an email stating if you got an invitation to the Good Grief! or not, or if you are on a reserve list. We need a minimum of 20 players to run the larp and we will have a limit of 50 participants.

You are writing your own characters to this larp and we will help you find relations and plots. You can find instructions on how to write your characters in the Character Creation section. If you want help to create a character, contact us. 

Genre, Setting and Atmosphere

This is a supernatural, campy comedy larp with over-dramatic tones in the style of the movie and tv-show where other-worldly stuff is mixed with the most mundane and tedious problems you can think of. So although the characters see themselves as elegant, majestic, eloquent beings of pure power, they really are just petty. THESE ARE NOT THE CREATURES you know from games like World of Darkness! Our creatures of the night are still pompous brats but they are also very tragic and petty, in fact they are very human. 

Satire and snark is allowed. There will be some silly elements akin to Monty Python, some quirky more akin to Discworld, and a hell of a lot more tragic.

This is also a reunion larp. You know, the awkward and awful school reunions we hate to go to. Petty plots are very welcome but the overall mood is more fun and atmospheric than political and plot heavy. 

The Setting
The world of The Good Grief! is parallel to our modern world. Some of the characters are more aware of modern tidings than others, some ignore the fact that the world and society has evolved since 1773. 

Every tenth year The Nordic Vampire Court of Grievances convenes in a town on a rotating schedule in order to hear out the petty and trivial grievances of vampire kind and its like and this year there’s rumours about this new fad called discotheque! Read more about the setting here.

Gender, Sex and Sexuality
A big part of WWDITS is the raunchy humour but what we especially like about it, is its queer friendliness. The naughtiness is not there as the butt of a joke, to shock or for the crudeness sake but as just another part of a creature’s uninhibited and unrestrained nature. Familiars have a modern view on gender, sex and sexuality, and Vampires and Werewolves are too out of touch to care about the social roles and norms of mortals. 

As you are portraying characters from different time eras and cultures we understand that different views on gender and sexuality differ greatly from what we see today. As of NOW we have opted for a gender equal society where gender and sexual diversity is a fact without ignoring that some of the characters may have had different views in their past. 

When that is said, this isn’t a sexy larp. The main themes are bureaucracy and triviality. Nothing sexy about that! But we do have a technique for playing safely on sex if – and only if – players involved in that scene have given consent to it (OOC). It’s called Ars Amandi and is explained in the Game Rules and Mechanics.

As always at our larps, there will be no play on gender and sexual discrimination.

What can you play?
Vampires (different kinds): They can come from any era (not future) and place.
Werewolves: Pack animals.
Familiars: Human. A vampire’s best friend, aid, and mostly a burden. They are modern human creatures with hopes and dreams of their own. Maybe they are caught up in the dream of one day becoming a vampire themselves or maybe they are just there for the endless parties! 

More information about our creatures of the night in the Setting Information.

Do I need to know the ins and outs of the WWDITS movie and tv-show?
NO. But we do encourage you to watch it because it’s hilarious! (HBO season 1-4 and Disney+ season 1-3) and you can rent or buy the movie on Youtube. 

Costumes and props
Costume demands are low but try and make sure you show off your identity. If you want to go all out, please do! Fangs, ears and tails are optional, although everybody speaking with a lisp is just part of the flavour! 

The Good Grief! uses a technique called transparency. It goes to what information is available for the players and the characters. It is a much debated larp term, different distinctions, and there are different levels of it. 

In The Good Grief! it means that all information about the characters is open to all players (but not necessarily the characters). All your characters will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder for everyone to read. We encourage our players to have a peek at the characters. It is a very good way to help play each other up and get things out. More about this in the Game Rules and Mechanics.

Breaking the 4th Wall
One big part of WWDITS is breaking the 4th wall. The audience is usually privy to what happens in front of them (like in a theatre and movie/tv) but the characters themselves are not aware of the audience in the illusion (the invisible wall between the audience and the characters). In this show however, the characters are knowingly followed by a documentary crew, as if it is a reality type of show. 

A nordic style larp is usually dependent on being a full immersion experience. Things that will take the players out of that immersion is usually frowned upon. Things we can’t control, like a plane flying above the outside venue when we are deep into mediaeval fantasy is irksome but should easily be ignored. And things we can control, organisers usually try their very best to accommodate and hide as best as possible.

But since breaking the 4th wall is such a big part of WWDITS we want to incorporate it in some way. There will be people attending this event that are playing “themselves”. These people are NOT LARPERS but we have explained what larping is. This means that they, In-Game, are part of the venue team who have rented out the venue to what they think is a very innocent reunion with some very demanding organisers. For them it’s just another Saturday although it will dawn on them throughout the day that these are not your regular folks. They will react and interact with the characters as such but never to the point of ruining the larp. This is meant as a flavour and not the main point of the larp. 

We are also looking into other ways of breaking the 4th wall. More information about this will be communicated in the player group. 

The Venue
OOG the venue is Trykkeriet Scene in the middle of Trondheim city centre. It’s a basement blackbox theatre. Unfortunately it is not wheelchair accessible. They serve alcohol. We will post prices in the player group. More about the venue in Practical Information

IG it is an unknown, shitty place in downtown Trondheim that someone’s idiot Familiar booked. A reminder to never let a Familiar make decisions on their own ever again. Thankfully it is cheap and underground. 

Food and drink
Vampires only drink blood and Werewolves whatever and everything when they get the hunger. The only ones who gets served by the Court are the Familiars. They get saft and Mariekjeks (a dry and sweet Norwegian biscuit). But this is a long larp to go without food so we are taking a food break (the larp stops) between the grievances are heard and the party. Depending on how many participants there are, we will either get pizza for everyone and eat at the venue, or you need to hunt for food yourself. More information about this will be given in the player group.

“After years of working for you, a known vampire, I have seen werewolves, necromancers, a zombie, and several babadooks…
But a ghost, that’s where we draw the line?” – Guillermo de la Cruz

We have decided to focus on Vampires, Werewolves and Familiars at The Good Grief!, but the world of WWDITS is a super abundant, diverse and colourful one! Curses and magic, witches, garden gnomes, trolls, night markets, wraiths, neighbourhood imps, demons, sirens, valkyries, zombies, plus whatever Gregor (Jeff) is, exist side by side. 

Our creatures of the night live a long life parallel to our world. They are really out of touch with the times – any time. Misunderstandings and mispronouncing transpire routinely – either deliberately or accidentally. Examples are the Intelligent Telephone Machine (iPhone or the lesser Android mobile phone) and the Ethernet, which we mere mortals more famously call the Internet. 

Despite this, most creatures are aware of their (own) mythos throughout the ages. Folklore and legends, music, books, movies and podcasts tell their stories over and over again, usually depicting our creatures as powerful antagonists, evil monsters and generally bad guys. But for those of us insignificant ones, who know this community intimately, we know better. They are just like us. 


“We drank the blood of some people, but the people were on drugs, and now I’m a wizard” – Nandor the Relentless

This creature of the night is somewhat conventional in their depiction; white pale face, fangs, immortality, sleeps in a coffin, needing to be invited in, feeding on blood (and puking their guts out if food is ingested), can only get high or drunk on blood from someone intoxicated, heightened senses, shapeshifting, fast healing, super strength and speed, becoming more powerful as they get older and more unsightly. 

Sunlight will burn them, as will spending time in churches. They are killed by a stake through the heart and even touching wooden stakes will make a blister. Other things that will get a hissing reaction (and sometimes blood tears) are crosses (fingers crossed counts), hearing anything C-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n, and the name of he who shall not be named (G-o-d) cannot be articulated without flames erupting from their mouth. 

To become a vampire you need to be bitten, then drink vampire blood. The changes will start within the next 24 hours. You complete the transition by drinking human blood. As you come into your vampirehood your reflections in mirrors fades away but thankfully you can still be majestically portrayed in paintings, photos, on film and video (SD, HD and 4K). 

There is a rumour that when a vampire dies, their downline dies with them but this is highly likely just a ruse. But there is a fate worse than death for a vampire. Super slumber is a vampire hibernation, a dark dreamless existence. The most desperate measure for any vampire. 

Every vampire gets a special power, something that makes them stand out among their own, like invisibility etc. Nadja is an excellent wall crawler, Nandor knows pyrokinesis and Lazlo’s power must without doubt be artisanry.

A lesser known fact is perhaps the most important rule for a vampire. They must always have with them the ancestral soil from their homeland in their coffin. Without this a vampire cannot function and their powers go to absolute liquid shit.

Dominion of animals 
Shapeshifting (bat and mist) 
Special power

Virgins (MUST HAVE)
Government employees (immune to hypnosis)
Garlic (an irritant) 
Bad orgies (Shame bats!)
Silver ropes 
Vampire depression

Different types of vampires

Energy Vampires: WWDITS introduces us to a very special type of vampires; the Psychic Vampire or as they are more commonly known: the Energy Vampire

These vampires drain people’s and creature’s energy (including vampires’, except energy vampires) merely by interacting with them by being excruciatingly boring or enraging. No blood drinking necessary. 

Energy vampires have a life expectancy of exactly 100 years, then they expire. This is however not the miserable conclusion to these vampires. An identical baby version is reborn to burst out of the husk of their former body, rapidly growing into their true form once again. 

Energy vampires have none of the usual abilities of a vampire normally but can on extreme occasions become immensely powerful – too powerful for their own good and start draining themselves back into their normal boring self.

Mansplaining and trolling on social media

True optimists

Other types of vampires are the Emotional Vampires that feed on pity, and the more cultish Wellness Vampires that fight their inner vampire urges by drawing their fangs, hence the moniker Formerly Fanged.


“We are werewolves, not swearwolves” – the wolf pack

This volatile creature of the night is also somewhat conventional in their depiction although not as much present in WWDITS. They are normal looking humans until they no longer are! They can transform and partly control the change at any time unless it’s a full moon. THEN THEY CAN’T HELP THEMSELVES or anyone else for that matter.

They have 3 shapes; regular human, a bipedal half man-half wolf (where they have some control), and huge full beast form (absolutely no control whatsoever). They have heightened senses (especially smell) and a strong urge to mark their territory wherever they are in any form. In half and full beast form they have super strength and speed, fangs and claws

Aggression is a BIG trigger and it’s super infectious in a pack. Actually, any strong feeling is triggering. So are the presence of vampires. It’s therefore very important for a werewolf to stay calm. Hence their dependency on breathing exercises, a pack, a leader and a support group mentality to keep themselves in line. Their pugnacious nature works against them at all times. 

Werewolves are easily distracted by moving cars, throwing sticks and dog toys. They can’t help themselves when someone howls, they need to howl back

To become a werewolf you need to be bitten by one and survive. 

Can communicate through howling at great distances
Can recognize anyone they have sniffed before from afar

High clothing budget
Fleas and ticks
Silver bullets


«Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I was still at Panera Bread…But the heart wants what it wants.» – Guillermo de la Cruz

These creatures of the night – AND DAY – are the most disrespected and overlooked creatures in the community but Familiars serve a very important purpose although not appreciated enough by their vampire masters. Most of them have a toxic codependency. 

For as long as there have been vampires, their human Familiars have served them loyally. Life as a Familiar can definitely be a hard one. You need to keep a night schedule while the rest of the world keeps spinning during the day. No task or whim too big, small or pedantic. The chores are plentiful and never ending. Some vampire masters even demand that their Familiars attend the brutal sport of Familiar Fights at the night market. 

A vampire will burn through many servants in their lifespan and most of the Familiars die accidentally or of old age rather than becoming a vampire themselves – the one objective they all have been promised by their masters. There will always be that one fortunate soul who jumps the line for the big prize without any effort at all. 

Familiars, although competitive, are also community oriented. They seek support from their own kind and keep in contact through newsletters, FB groups and monthly mixers. 

Up to date on modern life
Goal oriented

The need for sleep and nourishment
Slow healing
Their masters
Poaching (from other vampires)

The Court of Grievances

“You people are as much fun as the plague. Remember the plague? And how much fun it was? That’s this.” – The Baron

The Court of Grievances, or the Good Grief as it is casually known as, happens every 10th year and consists of a period of time where grievances and arguments can be heard before the Court. Everyone present gets to have a say in judging and failing to actually resolve anything. This can often result in yelling, brawls and general chaos. 

The Court made some bad investments over the years and lost a lot of money, this – along with their general pathetic fail nature explains why the Good Grief is no longer a luxury affair.

Some cases are already in the books, like the Nidaros quarrel from 1673 about who has the shapeliest nails, a grievance that first appeared January 3rd of 1673 and is still being debated from time to time. Newer cases are also in the books usually sent in by the Familiars through the Ethernet before the event. You are also allowed to state your case at the event itself. If the Court accepts it, the case will be opened to the floor. There is ALWAYS someone who uses this opportunity to talk about something totally unrelated to the case in general.

After the grievances are heard or when the chaos has become too much to control, the Court dissolves and the attendees move into a more social event. Vampires and Werewolves attending likens this part to the high school reunions you see in those American motion pictures with all the awkwardness and joy this may involve, just what the cool kids savour. This involves games and dancing. LOTS OF DANCING

Being on the Court of Grievances is not the honour it should be; it’s the job no successful vampire actually wanted and so titles were created in order to shift the odious duty onto previously ambitious threats, annoying cohorts, or embarrassing failures. 

The only ones who actually show any real interest in getting a representative at the Court are the Werewolves. It hasn’t happened yet but nothing is forever – except Vampires

There is a truce negotiated between the Vampires and Werewolves: Vampire does not harm Werewolf as long as Werewolf doesn’t interfere with any Vampire shit.

This section describes the rules, mechanics and techniques used at The Good Grief! This is mandatory reading for participants and most of it will be covered at the pre briefing before the larp. 

Game Rules

This is required reading for everyone – the safety rules are something that everyone should know by heart. These rules exist to ensure the fun and safety of everyone. Please follow the intention of the rules, not the letter. Do not look for loopholes to ‘win’. If you break the rules, there will be consequences.

Safety and Security
Most of the time people look out for each other and play nice, and things are fine, so don’t worry! But sometimes things don’t go the way we would like them to, and that is when we need these simple keywords. Learn them, use them – there is never any shame in ensuring your comfort and safety.

Time-In and Time-Out
The larp starts and ends with these commands by the organisers.

Cut, Brake and Green
CUT is to be used by players to disrupt the game. If a scene is too much for you, if someone gets injured for real, if a dangerous situation is about to unfold and people are unaware, you should loudly and clearly say CUT! This means that all surrounding play stops, immediately. Check in on each other, fetch an organiser and fix whatever is wrong. Play resume once everyone is ready.

BRAKE can be used by players as a ‘softer’ version of cut. If someone is playing too hard, yelling too loud, but you do not want to stop play, just calm things down – then you can say BRAKE. Everyone stay in-character, but ease down and take it slower.

GREEN is simply a way for players to let others know that you are okay, that you can take it. It can also be used as a question, to ask others if whatever you do to them is okay.

Time-Out Sign
You can always do a subtle time-out sign with your hands (form a T) to show that you want to say something OOC to someone (not to get the attention of a bigger crowd), such as: “Your character has offended me greatly, can I punch your character?” or “Can our characters have a shouting match in a couple of minutes? I’m a bit shy, can you help me by starting the match?” or «My character is super aggressive but I find it hard to play that out. Can you help me? Modern technology is super triggering». You can also use this sign to signal the organisers that you want to talk to them OOC. Keep it subtle, but do it if you need it.

Off-Game Physical and Mental Safety
This is only a one day larp but the play can still become intense. Unfortunately we don’t have a secluded OOC room but if you need a break from the game, you can step outside for a bit of fresh air.

If you decide to step outside, leave any weapons and alcohol inside and respect that we have neighbours and passersby who don’t know about larping.

The organisers can join you and chat, give you a hug, drink, snack, fetch a friend, or just leave you alone. Let us know, we are there for you.


Whenever a wolf howls, ALL THE OTHER WEREWOLVES MUST JOIN IN! Even if you are on the toilet.

Any vampire will automatically recognise another vampire in their other forms.  A werewolf will only recognise a vampire in their other forms if they know that vampire well (by smell). A Familiar will recognise their own master and any other vampire they know really well in their other forms.

Magical Influence
Some artefacts can be cursed or have other magical properties that can influence or affect our creatures in certain ways. You are allowed to create and bring such items yourself but please let the organisers know what before the larp. This will be covered in the pre-briefing.

Combat and Weapons
This is not a combat larp, hence no combat rules and mechanics. We encourage shouting matches and a lot of hissing (Vampires) and growling (Werewolves) of course. If you happen to have no other choice than battle, you need to talk with the other player OOG and agree on how to act it out. We have a special slo-mo technique that is to be used in these instances. More about that underneath. 

If you choose to wear weapons as part of your costumes, like knives and claws, they need to be larp safe (padded).

No actual biting allowed! You need consent from the player OOC before simulating biting.

No characters will die during this larp. Not even the ones who really want to. 


The Good Grief! uses a technique called transparency. It goes to what information is available for the players and the characters. It is a much debated larp term with different distinctions, and there are different levels of it. 

In The Good Grief! it means that all information about the characters is open to all players (but not necessarily the characters). All your characters will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder for everyone to read. We encourage our players to have a peek at the characters. It is a very good way to help play each other up and things out. 

This isn’t a type of larp where the reveal of plots or secrets is the main drive, it’s a larp where we need to help our co-players play out their most tragic and petty behaviours, and knowing that a character’s greediness is their biggest trait, will help co-players constantly pushing against that exact trait when dealing with that character.

Vampires and Werewolves live a long time so some of the characters know each other somewhat, some of them know each other well.

Hand gestures for Bat form and Mist form
Vampires must shout out BAT/MIST before shape changing, then will have hand signals to use during the duration of that form.  For the bat form, you need to keep your elbow close to the side of your body and flap your hands. For the mist form, you need to keep your arms in front of you, making drizzle (rain) finger movements up and down. The hand gestures will be covered in the pre-briefing.

Slow motion
Both vampires and werewolves have super speed (in addition to other special abilities – most of them hard to play out during a larp). We have decided to use a slo-mo technique for this. Whenever your character does something at super speed, you need to slow down that action and exaggerate your movements just like they do in the movies. This is both to make it visually fun for everyone and play to the fact that vampires and werewolves are able to percieve what is actually happening and can match that speed.

For example, if you are speeding across the room to grab someone, you start (from where you are standing) really slow with big gestures walking across the room. Whenever you come close to other characters (although not actively engaging with them, they also need to slow down their movements. They can decide if they want to interact with you or not at super speed. When you have passed them (slowly), they stop moving slow and go back to normal. As you are moving towards the one you want to grab, the wave of others joining the slow motion will follow your movement. The slo-mo technique will be covered in the pre-briefing.

Sex – Ars Amandi
We have a system that ensures safe and considerate play while enforcing the need for clear consent. 

The Ars Amandi technique is widely known, easy to play, and surprisingly intimate. The way it works is that when you have consent from the other players involved OOC, one will touch and/or stroke arms and hands (and nothing else) in different ways to simulate sexual interactions. Eye contact can be added to increase intimacy.

The most important rule of all sexual interactions is that all parties feel secure and are actively consenting. Trying in any way to force, coerce, or otherwise pressure someone else into playing out or escalating a sexual encounter is never acceptable!

Any and all play on sexual violence is prohibited under all circumstances!

The Good Grief! is a one-day larp November 25th 2023.
Game start will be at 14.00 (2 pm) but we expect you to be there from 13.00/1 pm for a pre-briefing. The larp will take a food break in the middle of the larp (between the grievances and the party) and the larp will continue until around 22.00/10 pm followed by an Afterparty.

Where: Trondheim, Norway. Trykkeriet Scene (a basement venue – unfortunately not wheelchair accessible) in the city center. Address: Olav Tryggvasons gt 5 (entrance is in the alley between Burger King and Moskus bar).

How to get there: The closest airport is Trondheim – Værnes (30 min with bus from the city centre.) The venue is a 5 minute walk from Trondheim train station. There are several close bus stops and parking in the area.

Number of participants: 20-50 total participants.
Age: 18 (16 with permission from a parent/guardian.)

We follow Norwegian law, so under-aged (18) serving/drinking and all drug abuse is forbidden. Smoking is allowed but only outside. Do not bring any alcohol or weapons outside.

Language: This is an English LARP. We want it to be accessible to international players so you will all be expected to spend the whole play time speaking English. All character sheets and communication before and during the LARP will also be in English. Please do ask if there’s anything unclear or that you don’t fully understand. If you want to spice up your character with another language, please do!

Sign Up: Opens Wednesday 8th and closes May 1st 2023. We accept waiting list sign ups after May 1st.

Tickets: 400 NOK (we are offering some tickets at a reduced price). Non refundable.
Note! Travel and sleeping accommodations are not included in the tickets. 
Full ticket: 400 NOK
Subsidised ticket: 200 NOK
Sponsor ticket 400+ NOK (by paying more you are helping other players attend by subsidising their ticket).

Payment due June 20th 2023.

Casting: This LARP is not “first come, first served”. We will make our selections based on gender and group dynamics with some preference given to first time larpers. Everyone will get an email stating if you got an invitation to the Good Grief! or not, or if you are on a reserve list.

Communication: We will use email, a closed FB Player Group and Google Player Folder for important player information.

In addition we have The Good Grief! FB event, Riveting LARP FB page and this website.

Sign offs: We understand that life happens and that you may be forced to cancel, possibly even at the last minute, and that is okay. However, we ask you to respect the effort that we put into creating larps for you and sign up because you know you can attend. Can you afford it? Can you get the time off from work/obligations? Are you willing to travel to Trondheim? We would be grateful if you consider these questions BEFORE you sign up. 

Characters: You write your own character. You can either play a Vampire, a Werewolf or a Familiar. We are here for you if you need any help. Send your character on email to rivetinglarp@gmail.com.  

A deadline for when characters need to be finished will be posted in the player group.

Costumes and props: Costume demands are low but try and make sure you show off your identity. If you want to go all out, please do! Fangs, ears and tails are optional, although everybody speaking with a lisp is just part of the flavour! 

Character Name
You need a glorious name! Throw in a description like Nandor the Relentless or a cool title!

Vampire, Familiar or Werewolf?

Era / Age
A Vampire and a Werewolf can be from any time in (the past). Can you find a costume, a costume piece or a prop that says something about when and where you are from? Familiars are from present day but can still be fashionable or not.

Soundtrack Song (Vampire and Werewolves only)
We need music for our disco soundtrack! Pick a song or music piece from your era that is your theme song!

Negative Traits
This does not need to be a long list. Decide on 1-3 and exaggerate them BIGLY!

Do you have an interest or indulge in an activity that sets your soul on fire?

Short Backstory
Keep it short! You can always expand on this during the larp.

Plots You’d Like To Explore
Maybe you have some ideas already? You can also wait with this part until you get access to the Player Group folder.

Help Me Play Up This
Maybe you have some ideas already? You can also wait with this part until you get access to the Player Group folder.

Established Relations
Maybe you have some ideas already? You can also wait with this part until you get access to the Player Group folder.

Looking For Relations
Who do you want to link with? What kind of characters would vibe well (or not well) with yours? You can also wait with this part until you get access to the Player Group folder.

Waiting List Sign Up Here!