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The Corona/Covid-19 pandemic was everyone’s business during the first half of 2020 but by late summer even this has normalised into a new and slightly restricted everyday life.

But something else is stirring. Paranormal experiences aren’t anything new, but they have slowly increased throughout the last 10 years. 2020 has been especially worrying.

Paranormal experiences violate our common sense. These events and theories are usually disregarded or laughed at, but the LIGHTHOUSE community knows better. We KNOW that there are powers out there that are greater and more horrific than we can ever imagine. Together we grow stronger and more knowledgeable. We can’t stop what’s happening but we can fight it with all we have. Take a stand and join LIGHTHOUSE! 

LIGHTHOUSE is an online paranormal horror larp in a contemporary setting primarily played out on a forum with the potential for small in-person meetups. 

It is inspired by great roleplaying games such as 

  • Call of Cthulhu (first published 1981, 7th edition 2014), 
  • World of Darkness (first published 2004, rebranded in 2015), 
  • Unknown Armies (first published in 1998, 3rd edition in 2017) and 
  • KULT (first published in 1991, 4th edition in 2018).

LIGHTHOUSE is a Dark Web community of people all over the world who have seen through the veil and experienced that the fabric of reality is unravelling. It’s an online forum where knowledge, experiences and secrets of the paranormal are shared between the members to help understand the horror that’s ripping our world apart. 

It is the general feel and atmosphere from each of the mentioned rpg games that we want and not the specific mythos, monsters or systems. No Cthulhu or vampires, no magic spells you can learn from fairies but as the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. Build upon local legends, folklore and myths to create the horrors that haunt you and the world. It can be cosmic horror, folk horror, body horror, psychological horror, gothic horror etc. And it will most definitely be personal horror. 

Share and explore these themes in this slow burning online letter larp! You will write your own character (we will help out) and post as them on the forum. 

Sign up and gamestart is August 15th with a projected end in a cataclysmic event on New Year’s Eve 2020. In January 2021 players can play through the aftermath, detailing what happened to their characters and how life continues, or doesn’t in some instances. 

More information will be posted here during the summer.

Don’t suffer alone.