This part describes everything you can expect participating in LIGHTHOUSE. It will hopefully give you an idea of what we want to achieve and what we expect you to contribute with. It is required reading before signing up.

What is LARP and Letter Larping?

LARP (live action roleplay) or LAIV in Norwegian is an interactive theater experience where participants portray characters in a fictional setting, as both audience and performers working together to create a story through improvising. 

We will use larp terminology such as OOC (Out-Of-Character), IC (In-Character) and In-Game/Out-Of-Game to differentiate between what you as a player need to know or do (OOC/Out-Of-Game), and what you as the character knows and can do (IC/In-Game/IG).

LIGHTHOUSE is a six month online paranormal horror larp in the style of Letter Larping in a contemporary setting primarily played out on a web forum with a potential for small in-person physical or digital meetups. 

Letter Larping is just what the name implies: larping done via letters. In this instance we have replaced letters with digital posts (text, sound, images and video) on a selected web forum although still calling it a letter larp. Out-Of-Game communications will be done in an especially created Facebook player group or by email.

You will create a player character and then write and publish posts as that character (in 1st person) engaging with other player characters over an extended period of time. This game uses the same dates in-game as out-of-game, August 2020 to January 31st 2021.

Letter larping differs from traditional RPG (both tabletop and Play-By-Post) by writing ONLY in the first person and never narrating your character’s actions, thoughts, surroundings, or motivations. Describe, don’t narrate!

Letter larping is a very inclusive game. You can participate wherever, whenever!

Riveting LARP will serve several functions during this larp. In addition to administration and coordination of players, and moderating the forum, we will function as gamemaster/GM in the sense that we will provide crucial information and developments during the larp for you to react to. This will be done through the Facebook Player Group and by email.

We will also post and interact on the forum as several community members (known as NPC’s/Non Player Characters) but we expect you to do most of the larping (communication and storytelling) with each other. More about this in How To Play

Improvising Content and coherence can be a challenge in letter larping. At a traditional larp, tabletop roleplaying games or Play-By-Post lots of facts about the setting are defined by the source material and the GM is often the arbiter of what is and is not real in the setting. This creates coherence — the feeling that the participants are on the same page, telling a story in the same reality.

This is not as instinctive in letter larping as all participants add freely and equally to the setting through their posts. Your contributions to the larp does not need to go through us first. If you have an excellent and big idea, please contact us and we can see if we can help make it bigger!

More about improvising content in How To Play.

International larp
LIGHTHOUSE is an international larp and open to anyone from around the world. Everything will be in English but don’t worry, your English is good enough!

Sign Up
Everybody is welcome to participate and join whenever between August and December 1st 2020

We do reserve the right to place a cap on the number of participants if necessary.

If there is a rush of sign ups some delay in registration must be expected.

Because of the larp’s theme(s) you need to be 18 to participate. Players under 18 need written parental permission. We will not be accepting players under the age of 16.

The larp itself will run from August 2020 with a projected end in a cataclysmic event on New Years Eve. In January 2021 players can play through the aftermath, have a debrief and reaction period, detailing what happened to their characters and how life continues, or doesn’t in some instances. 

In-Game it will also be August 2020 -January 31st 2021. 

We have a ticket fee of 100 NOK which is approximately 10 €, $10 and £10. Riveting LARP is a non- profit larp design team but we have a couple of expenses we need to cover. You will find more about the payment options in Practical Information.

You can always pay more if you want to! It won’t give you any special perks but it will benefit the whole player group as we will be able to do more fancy stuff during play (we have plans!)

Genre, Setting, and Atmosphere

Be inspired by great tabletop roleplaying games like Unknown Armies, World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu and KULT to set the right mood. 

It is the general feel and atmosphere from each of the mentioned rpg games that we want and not the specific mythos, monsters or systems. No Cthulhu or vampires, no magic spells you can learn from fairies but as the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire.

Build upon local legends, folklore and myths to create the horrors that haunt you and the world.

Why Paranormal and not Supernatural Horror? 
Paranormal and Supernatural horror are both genre terms easily used about the same things but there is a difference between them. Both are used about things we don’t understand – things that we can’t explain with rational accepted science.

Supernatural is phenomena that are beyond our capability to understand, not governed by the same rules that we are governed by, like magic.

Paranormal is phenomena that are not understood at the current level of scientific knowledge but there is a potential that it can be some day or that there is a natural explanation for it. 

LIGHTHOUSE is paranormal horror. It can be cosmic horror, folk horror, body horror, psychological horror, gothic horror etc. And it will most definitely be personal horror

The characters start out as humans who have terrible things happen to them or their loved ones. They can discover and use items and rituals with great power at a horrible cost or be influenced by indescribable entities. Losing their humanity may be one of the themes we will explore through the horrors.

Gender and Sexual Equality
Riveting LARP design LGBTQI+ friendly and accepting larps. We want diversity in both the player group and among the characters. This isn’t necessarily a larp where gender and sexuality comes into play, that is up to you, but all Lighthouse community members will have their pronouns stated on their member profiles. 

Discrimination and harassment against gay and gender-diverse people, be they trans and/or non-binary, is not allowed. 

Sexual and Violent Content
Lighthouse is a 18 + larp and a horror one so there will be some adult content. We do urge you to play nice and perhaps not go all out posting about sexual or violent content. All posts will be public for everyone in the world to see, so behave. Please use trigger warnings on your posts.

There will be absolutely no play on sexualised violence!

Discrimination and Bullying
Riveting LARP and the Lighthouse community encourage diversity so there will be no play on discrimination or harassment against (but not limited to) gender, sexuality, religion and ethnicity. Neither will we tolerate any kind of bullying.

Safety Guidelines

We want our games to be safe and inclusive and we acknowledge that horror stories sometimes explore difficult subjects and topics. By signing up to LIGHTHOUSE you commit to advancing a safe larp environment. 

It goes without saying that we expect everyone to be sensible and respectful to each other but to avoid players feeling uncomfortable, scared, or triggered by memories of traumatic events, we have some guidelines and mechanics to ensure safe emotional play

We have already stated that there will be no play on sexualised violence, no discrimination and harassment against (but not limited to) gender, sexuality, religion and ethnicity. Any kind of bullying is strictly forbidden.

If there are any topics you feel uncomfortable playing on or including during play that are not already covered, please inform us when you sign up. 

Trigger Warnings!
We urge you to write In-Game trigger warnings on your character’s profile and posts. On the forum you can mark your posts with an exclamation mark symbol for better visibility.

We encourage transparency which means that you as players know more than your character by communicating with each other Out-Of-Game. We find this ensures great and safe play! You can, for example ask, for your co-player’s help playing up a particular thing that your character never would mention on their own. Transparency is a great way to adjust your playstyle and negotiate intensity with your co-players. 

No one can make you roleplay something without your consent, and no one can cause your character to experience something that you do not find interesting. 

You cannot take control over another character or their story without consent.

Riveting LARP can aid in these negotiations if you find it difficult to do it yourself.

X- Card
However, topics you are uncomfortable with can happen during play. If this happens you can X it, just like an X-card known from tabletop and Play-By-Post roleplaying games created by John Stavropoulos

We have posted an X-card which you can download from the forum.

Post an X or a picture of an X in the comment to the thread you are involved in to let the others know that this is not a topic you are comfortable with. You don’t have to explain why. That topic should be deleted, edited or strikethroughed by the one who posted it. Everyone should respect the changes and not bring it up again. If you prefer to talk about an issue that comes up instead of using the X-Card, please do so Out-Of-Game. If you don’t want to X it yourself, please contact us and we will X it on your behalf as one of our NPC’s.

Will the use of X’s ruin my immersion on the web forum which is In-Game communication only? NO.
Your immersion is not more important than the emotional safety of our players.

Open Door Policy
You can at any time, for any reason, leave the game and you will not be judged for doing so.
We encourage you to let us (the GMs) know if you are taking a break or leaving the game for good. 

We are planning an In-Game (on the forum) and Out-Of-Game debrief period in January 2021 so that you as a player and your character can have some closure. 

We will post and email Check-In’s throughout the larp so please check your inboxes and notifications once in a while. 

If you have a problem with your safety during the larp, if someone harasses you, if you don’t feel okay for any reason you can contact us by email or DM us on our Facebook page.  

Anyone overstepping these guidelines will be removed from the larp.

This text explains the in-game information about Lighthouse provided by the community themselves. 

“Are we a cult? [laughing] No. No, but seriously we are not. I’ve heard someone say ‘secret society’ and that would be cool! But I’m afraid we are not. That cool that is. Just regular folks trying to survive and save our loved ones.”

Keeper Obeah, member since 2005

Lighthouse Forum
LIGHTHOUSE is an international Internet forum on the Dark Web, a discussion site for people who are experiencing that the world as we know it no longer makes sense. The fabric of reality no longer exists. For a long time now people have been experiencing events that seem to violate our common sense. These people and events are usually disregarded – laughed at but the LIGHTHOUSE community knows better. We KNOW that there are powers out there that are greater and more horrific than we can ever imagine. Together we grow more knowledgeable and stronger. We can’t stop what’s happening but we can fight it with all we have.

Take a stand and join LIGHTHOUSE! 

Becoming a Lighthouse Member
You might have seen the LIGHTHOUSE logo without recognising its true meaning. Several of our members use it to identify and communicate with fellow members without revealing too much about the community or themselves. We value privacy – so should you

LIGHTHOUSE isn’t easy to find and there is a reason for that. There is no regular website. We only exist on the Dark Web but you can do a generic search and bits of information will pop up eventually. People talk about us in other forums and on different sites but as a member you know not to share too much. We are a close-knit community. We understand your struggles. No one else will. 

You need access to the Dark Web to get information about us. It isn’t illegal or dangerous. It is simply un-indexed content, so you can’t use search engines to find it and you need a special browser for it. 

When you have found us you will have to prove you are like-minded and that you are there for the same reasons as we are, to share information and get or give help. This is done through a test. Our goal has never been to achieve a large number of members. We have always been a selected few. But everyone who has relevant information and/or needs our specific help is welcomed. Quacks and hoaxes are not. 

Proving you are there for the right reasons can be difficult but we assure you that it is needed. Most paranormal experiences can’t be verified because they are shrouded in mystery but our front-line service people are excellent at recognising truth and lies, so don’t be disheartened or put off. 

There are two levels of membership: Novices and Keepers. All new members are automatically Novices but if you are experienced enough in the paranormal and show mentoring talents, you will be bumped up to Keeper pretty quickly. Some remain Novices for life. It comes down to your experiences and drive to rise. You can contact whoever you like on the forum but Keepers have especially agreed to aid and mentor more inexperienced members.  

Lighthouse Forum Rules and Guidelines

First rule of LIGHTHOUSE is that you read the forum rules and guidelines.
The second rule of LIGHTHOUSE is that you follow them.
The third rule of LIGHTHOUSE is that nothing is too weird or gruesome.
The fourth rule of LIGHTHOUSE is that you help if and when you can.
The fifth rule of LIGHTHOUSE is don’t be a dick.

Lighthouse Community History
LIGHTHOUSE is a community governed fellowship here to support and be supported. To ensure safety we are always watching.

The forum as we know it today was founded around 2006. Previously we had other forums but the community’s history goes further back than that. Plenty have researched it but most of its history is shrouded in mystery, just like its name. 

“There is some evidence of the community before our internet presence, you know. Old ads with codes and puzzles in European and American newspapers and magazines throughout the 1940’s. The logo appears in a Chicago Daily Tribune article about a gruesome murder in the city in 1973. The logo was painted on the living room wall where three dead bodies were found.”

Keeper PuffyRedJacket, member since 2018

One popular theory in the community is that the founder(s) was inspired by 5 short stories by an unknown author published in several Pulp magazines from the late 1920s to mid 1930s. Lighthouse is mentioned in all of them in passing, it’s never center stage. Never a place visited, just something that’s dropped in there like an early form of Easter eggs and never explored further. Twice a Mr. Lighthouse is mentioned. Some even claim that the author(s) was (one of) the Lighthouse founder(s) and that there are hidden messages in these stories. Some say that The Lighthouse movie from 2019 was funded by us.

“You’ve heard the stories about the origin of the name right? It’s BS. There is no evidence of a link to the pulp stories. Just some conspiracy theorist mumbo-jumbo. It’s sad really. Lighthouse is there for anyone struggling, we are talking horrific stuff, not being a haven for fools.”

Novice Frankdelight, member since 1998

The logo does appear in the English broadsheet The Guardian in an article about Operation Anderson, the biggest anti-graffiti operation in the history of British policing which took place on the 20th March 1989 in which the homes of 72 suspected Graffiti writers were raided. Unfortunately we don’t know more about who or what that person was involved with. That is lost to time. Like so many things before. 

The Enemies of Lighthouse
We have seen an increase in paranormal activity during 2020 but we don’t want to speculate on why. There was an attack on the forum last New Year’s Eve and we will not comment on that while its being investigated.

“We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the information requested but, hypothetically, if such data were to exist, the subject matter would be classified, and could not be disclosed.”

CIA’s reply to the FOIA request: “Is CIA involved with or ever investigated LIGHTHOUSE or any of its community members?”, submitted in 2019.
Click the logo and it will take you to the web forum. You can read without registering or log in. We will accept your registration when you have paid.

This part explains how you create your LIGHTHOUSE character(s). Riveting LARP will be able to aid you through this process on email. The finished character profile (written in 1st person) will be posted by us on the online webforum.

We encourage diversity so please have that in mind when you create a character. However, we do not want parodies so please be respectful in your representation.

You may consider creating a character you can physically portray if you are looking into physical or digital meetups during the larp, otherwise you are completely free to create!

Some of your character’s personal information will be for your (the player) and our (the GMs) eyes only, but most of it will be public for both the LIGHTHOUSE community members (other players) and in general (the web forum is open for anyone to read). 

Your character will be able to lie to LIGHTHOUSE when they join the community but we (your GMs) will need to know if that is the case. 

All characters have gone through individual LIGHTHOUSE test(s) of authenticity and are all accepted members. How did you prove yourself?

When you have signed up you may begin thinking about your character concept! If you need help you can just contact us for input, otherwise please do send your completed concept to our email.

When it is approved we will post it in the Community Member forum. Once we have posted your character there, we will email you to let you know, and then you are free to begin larping!

Forum registration is approved by our shadow third admin after payment only, so please make sure your character is approved by us before registering them to the web forum.

These are the things you need to figure out when creating a LIGHTHOUSE character. Riveting LARP will be able to help you out in this process, so don’t hesitate to contact us. 




NAME * not public unless you want to
Your character needs a name. You don’t have to share it with the LIGHTHOUSE community though. That’s totally up to you! We (the GM’s) want to know however!

USERNAME * public
You will be known to the community by this, so choose wisely! Or live with the shame forever.
Slurs or sexual references are not allowed. If you have more than one character, they will each have their own username.

PROFILE PIC * public
You can have a profile pic on your profile but you don’t have to. It can be your character or just any image. Make sure you own the rights or can freely use the image. 

PASSWORD * not public 
When you register your character on the forum you need to decide on a password. If you have more than one character, you can use the same password for all of them.

PRONOUNS * public
You decide your character’s pronouns. Some suggestions are They/ them, She/her, He/him etc., but it’s an open box you can fill it with whatever term you are comfortable with. You can even leave it blank (-). 

AGE * public
You decide your character’s age. It can match your real life age but it doesn’t have to. The LIGHTHOUSE community accepts members from 16 years old and up. 

LOCATION (place and country) * public
Since the LIGHTHOUSE community is international your character can be from anywhere in the world. You can have fun exploring new places during the game or use your IRL residence as a starting point in case you want to have physical meetups.

You decide if your character starts out as a Novice or a Keeper

The LIGHTHOUSE community may ask their members to either step up (Novice to Keeper) or step down (Keeper to Novice) during game. When asked you either accept or decline, it’s still up to you. 

You should have a short description of who you (the character) are. It needs to be written in the 1st person but of course you could be one of those eccentrics that only speaks about themselves in 3rd. 

If you want us (the GMs) to know more about your character but your character doesn’t want to share it (yet) with the LIGHTHOUSE community, please add that and make it clear that it is for our eyes only

What was the most reason event(s) your character experienced that made them join LIGHTHOUSE? Keep it simple and try not to indulge into too much detail. Remember that the journey has just begun, you don’t have all the answers right away! Your character is exploring that throughout the larp, so try and not think too much ahead. Also, your character will get help from the community to figure things out so stay open to their input. 

If you want us (the GMs) to know more about your character’s recent experience(s) so that we can spin a bigger and beautiful web of horrors, please add that info and make it clear that it is for our eyes only, for now.

What does your character initially want from the LIGHTHOUSE community? It can be very specific, like asking for an item or a ritual. It can be vague. Maybe your character just wants to share and feel emotionally supported? Your character’s goals can change throughout the larp. 

Example of a LIGHTHOUSE character

Erika Müller 
Username: erikamu96
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 24
Location: Berlin, Germany
Lighthouse Novice
Trigger warning: Dementia, anxiety and the death of a loved one

Short background: Hi, I’m Erika, a Uni drop out, I work at a grocery store but my dream is to work in the fashion industry, like a designer or something. I live with my dad and two younger sisters while I’m saving up to apply for design school. Maybe I want to study abroad, I don’t know yet. I have some anxiety issues but I’m not going to let that stop me!

Most recent event: So, I visited my oma (grandmother on my mother’s side) right before the Corona lockdown. She is in a nursing home bc of dementia. She was living with us before my mum got sick and died but her dementia quickly got worse after the funeral (a year ago). It was like she just gave up. The nursing home she is living at is pretty nice, the nurses are all very pleasant and I see that oma is doing better with professional full time care. I (and the family) visit her as often as possible but it’s always hard when I have to leave. But this last time was super freaky.

So, oma talks a lot! Especially on her good days. She sometimes thinks I am Hannah (my mum) as a young girl but that doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ve learned so much about my mum I didn’t know or perhaps would never know if it wasn’t for this! Oma does have some clear moments where she calls me by my name and that always takes me by surprise but this day, she was all so clear but at the same time very anxious. She told me that the woman in the room next to hers (room 106) had been banging on the walls and shouting all night so she couldn’t get any sleep. She had asked the nurses to do something, this woman was clearly in pain! but they had just shushed her and gave her something to sleep. She hadn’t heard from the woman all day and she sadly assumed she had died. None of this is particularly strange in a nursing home so I didn’t make much of it. But then right before I was leaving, sudden banging and screaming from next door started up. It was like screams of pain and not like words or anything. My oma got upset, so did I, so I went out to check. The noise was super loud so I was surprised when none of the nurses in the hall took notice. I asked one of them if they could check bc the patient in 106 was clearly in need of help but they just looked bewildered at me when I said the room number. It was as if they didn’t hear the noise at all. My anxiety flared up and I wasn’t able to do anything more (I so have rehearsed that convo like 200 times in my head and NOW I have several things I should have shouted at them…) but I did check to see into the room which had gone quiet by now. It was empty. Just the steel sick bed frame. Nothing personal or anything to prove that someone was staying there. When I got back to oma she had that glazed look like she gets when she is no longer present and starts mumbling to me as Hannah. She is clearly distressed so I pushed the button and a nurse comes in. The nurse clearly thinks that my presence is upsetting oma and I have to admit that I was pretty stressed out by that point. As I was leaving oma looks me dead in the eye, clear as ever before and whispers “I think Hannah needs our help” and then I get shushed out the door. On my way out I asked a random nurse about the patient in room 106 and he tells me there haven’t been a patient staying there for the last 3 days! I decided then and there to visit oma again two days later but then the lockdown happened and I haven’t spoken to her since. I’m super worried! 

Lighthouse goal:
I don’t know really. I just felt like telling people. I can’t talk to my family about this, they might think I’m crazy. This might not be a thing but I clearly heard it too. And now I don’t know what to do! I’m open to anyone’s help really. I’m surprised I was accepted but the Keeper I talked to assured me that you folks would be supportive – so here I am. Hi!  

To Riveting: I may be interested in further developing the situation with my character’s oma. Maybe I could try to communicate with her via videochat and get some more information that way but I am also open to you guys developing this whole “Hannah needs our help”. Maybe she (Hannah) can let herself be known to some other characters? 

This part describes the different elements of how to play in the LIGHTHOUSE larp.

LIGHTHOUSE is played online through the web forum especially created for this game. 

Letter larping differs from traditional RPG (both tabletop and Play-By-Post) by writing ONLY in the first person and never narrating your character’s actions, thoughts, surroundings, or motivations.
Describe, don’t narrate!

After payment you will need to create a character. We have written about the character creation process here

When you have chosen who your character is, you need to decide on a paranormal event that your character has experienced. This is the reason why you joined the LIGHTHOUSE community. The main thing to consider is that you shouldn’t have all the answers to it yet. Make it weird and creepy and not very detailed. Throughout the larp you will uncover more details about your experience and what’s really happening by talking to the other members, and accepting or negating their suggestions. You will also add to their stories and so the gruesome realities of our setting grow.

If you need help you can just contact us for input, otherwise please do send your completed concept to our email for approval. When it is approved we will post it in the Community Member forum. Once we have posted your character there, we will email you to let you know, and then you are free to begin larping!

Then you will need to register your character to the web forum. You will need 3 things: a username, a password and an email address. 

You will be known by this in the community. You can have your character name as a username but you can also be creative! 

You will need a password. All your characters can have the same password.

Email address
You will need to register with the same email as in the sign up. Your character will not need their own email address.  All your characters can have the same email.

The Web Forum
This forum is like any other web forum. You have different forums, sub forums and threads
All members will have their profiles in one of the forums that we will post for you. There will be an In-Game Rules forum as well. 

You can post text, sound files, images and video by creating new sub forums, threads or commenting on other pre-existing threads. Everything posted on the forum must be In-Game

None of the player characters will act as moderators on the forum but we will be grateful for any help. 

Improvising Content
At a traditional larp or tabletop roleplaying game lots of facts about the setting are defined by the source materials and the GM often decides what is and is not real in the setting. This creates coherence. In a letter larp this cohesion can be a challenge because you all can add freely and equally to the setting. First and foremost, be creative! If you’re planning on doing something really big, please inform us. Maybe we can make something bigger out of it!

When someone writes a post asserting certain facts. Say, that a dark tunnel appears when you have turned one left corner after 9 consecutive rights, they are offering you a story.

When someone offers you a story, consider saying yes, accepting it and build on it: this is YES, AND.

Examples :

“I have heard about this somewhere. It is a portal to something. You should def try and find out more but be careful! I can check with my Professor in Folklore Studies and Contemporary Culture class if she has heard about it, if you want my help?”

“I think maybe my uncle discovered one in our hometown. He went missing 3 weeks ago after sending my dad a weird message. It doesn’t seem so weird now though. Wait, and I can post his message. Just need to access my dad’s phone.” 

However, you don’t have to accept it, especially if it crosses a line, but consider it and how you can use it. If you don’t like it, see if there’s some way you can add something while rejecting it: a NO, BUT.


“I’ve tried to find one for several weeks with a friend, but nothing. What was weird though was that several road signs frequently warned us against doing exactly what we were doing. In the beginning it was just like ‘Detours’ or ‘Road Blocked’ but when we actually drove that way, nothing was wrong with it and we went on. Then signs like ‘No More Right Turns’ when it clearly was placed right where there was a right turn! When we finally went left after the 9 rights, the road ended in a backlot of an old movie studio.”

“I believe the tunnel myth to be a distraction. It’s never those who have gone through the tunnel that tells the story. They wants us chasing pipe dreams and not look into what’s really going on. Like how the Mr. Mantus ice cream van only shows up on my street on Tuesdays right after midnight. One from each house is bewitched outside to stand in line but no one ever buys any ice cream.”

If you want to know more about improvising, there are lots of games and techniques online. We also recommend this Improv for Gamers book.

GM’s as NPC’s
We will have several NPC’s interacting on the web forum as community members. They will have their profiles up just like the player characters and they will be commenting and posting stuff. However, they will take a backseat to what’s going on. Most of the larp communication should be between the player characters. The NPC’s will be recognisable so as to avoid confusion. 

GM’s Instructions
We will send out instructions by email and in the FB Player Group. These are Out-Of-Game instructions that you can have your character react to and talk about on the forum. Some may be vague and general but some may also be very specific to your character’s personal horrors. 

Examples of instructions: 

You have noticed that a black van is following you. How often have you seen it? How will you deal with this?

You get support from a friend or family member. Who is it and how do they help? De-escalate the horrors. 

You have been having the same frightening dream for several nights and in that nightmare you suddenly realize some horrible truth about your situation. What is it?

The horror is taking a toll on you. You haven’t slept or eaten in a while. Your thoughts are racing frantically and you are losing control. Escalate the horrors. 

You decide how these instructions fit in with your character’s story at that point and you can choose to not indulge in every one of them but bringing them up on the forum will most definitely connect you with other members. 

Instant Digital Communication
Online communication can feel very instant. LIGHTHOUSE is a 6 month slow burning larp so please don’t burn yourself out in the first two weeks! If you check once a week, that’s fine. The golden rule of SoMe is that the more active you are, the more activity you get.

If it gets too much, take a break, do normal stuff. In-Game excuses for not being active are fine, like “I need to visit my grandmother next week and the wifi sucks. I’ll reply when I get back”.  

Sharing Content
You need to have the rights to share content digitally
during this larp. For example, you cannot link to outside content unless you in fact own the rights to it or permission for this use is given. You can’t use a DeviantArt image as your character profile picture unless you own it or the owner has given their permission. Material under the Creative Commons can be used. 

This part describes everything you need to know about the practical elements of LIGHTHOUSE. It is required reading before signing up.

Sign Up
You will receive a welcome email with payment details.

You need to pay to get access to the web forum, but please make sure to have your character approved before registering your character to the web forum!

Character Creation/ Join FB player group
If you need help with the character creation, send us an email. You can read what others are playing by going to the Community Members forum. You can also ask for other player’s help in the FB player group. When your character is finished, email them to us for approval. When they are approved, we will post them in the aforementioned forum and send you an email with confirmation.

Start Larping!

Opens August 15th 2020 and will stay open until December 1st 2020. You can join anytime during that time period by signing up here

You can create as many characters as you want. They will each have their own username so it’s really up to you how many you want to juggle. 

We do reserve the right to place a cap on the number of participants if necessary.

If there is a rush of sign ups some delay in registration must be expected.

The larp runs from August to 31st December 2020 with a possibility to debrief and play out the aftermath in January 2021. 

We have a ticket fee of 100 NOK which is approximately 10 €/ $10/ £10. You can pay more if you want to. It won’t give you any special perks but it will benefit the whole player group as we will be able to do more fancy stuff during play (we have plans!).

We have two payment options. Norwegians can pay by VIPPS in addition to the payment option for our international players by PayPal. You will receive complete payment information in an email when you have signed up for the larp.

Since LIGHTHOUSE is an online larp, you can play whenever and wherever as long as there is WiFi during the next six months!

We are encouraging small socially distanced physical, or online in-person meetups if possible.
You can physically portray your character (Weee! Any excuse to get into costumes!) and meet other characters like in a more traditional larp over a cup of coffee (remember that there are Muggles around, if you are in public!) or over video chat. Riveting LARP will support you if you wish to set up any meetups.

Everybody is welcome to participate from August till January 31st 2021.
Because of this larp’s theme(s) you need to be 18 to participate. Players under 18 need written parental permission. We will not be accepting players under the age of 16.

We know that this type of larp doesn’t seem as binding as larps which you physically have to show up for but by signing up for LIGHTHOUSE you are making an agreement to collaborate with others to create a shared experience.

We understand that life happens and that you may be forced to delay publishing and replying to posts or even cancel your participation, and that is okay. We have an Open Door Policy (see Expectations). However, we ask you to respect the effort that we and your fellow players put into this joint adventure and let us and them know as soon as this happens if you need to delay or drop out. An In-Game excuse for taking your time is acceptable.  

Since you are writing your own characters we have made a framework on how to do it. This is described under Character Creation.

You don’t have to have a character ready when you sign up. You are sending that in separately. 

We are standing by ready to help anyone who needs it during this process. Contact us on email or send a message on our Riveting LARP FB page.

We have made an online forum exclusively for this larp. It is public for everyone to read but you need to register your character to add content to it. 

Each character will have their own account (username).

All information on the web forum is In-Game. You will only post as your character(s) on the forum, never as yourself. The only exception is the use of the X card. More about that in the Expectations. For Out-Of-Game communication, you can use Private Messages in the forum but we encourage you to use the closed Facebook player group. That way we are informed as well.

We have created a closed Facebook player group and will use that and email for Out-Of-Game communication. If you are not on FB we expect you to check your email. 

This means that you don’t have to have a FB account to participate but you must then make sure to communicate Out-Of-Character in other ways with your fellow players, like email. 

We already have a Facebook event but most of the FB activity will be in the closed player group.

If there are any topics you as a player feel uncomfortable with that is not already mentioned on our website, please do make sure to inform us (the GMs) during sign up and fellow players during game play.

We are making use of the X card and encourage transparency Out-Of-Game. They are described under Expectations. There will be an In-Game and Out-Of-Game debrief period in January 2021.

You can read more about the Safety Guidelines here.

Sign Up for LIGHTHOUSE here

Click the logo and it will take you to the web forum. You can read without registering or log in. We will accept your registration when you have paid.

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