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Just A Little Appreciation ❤️

You are all likely aware that Riveting LARP is a team of two designers banding together to create what we hope are consistently entertaining and enjoyable games for you all! What you are likely less aware of is that it takes a village and there is no way that we could do this without the aid of three very special honorary Riveters.
As we are knee-deep into our fourth project as Riveting LARP we feel it is way past time for us to acknowledge and praise the hell out of these people! They work hard to help us make all this happen and they’re so important to us. In no particular order we have:
Tore ❤️- Tore is our hero! He is a Maker wizard, seemingly able to make absolutely anything from literally anything, and we are so lucky to have him on board with us! He has been along from the very beginning to make countless very cool props and also to extend his magic into the kitchen. Tore made all the food for HUSH! in a very small kitchen cabin during the Apocalypse in (mostly) silence. Not only did he make delicious and filling food for everyone in his presence, he also whipped up a wedding cake! In the forest! Honorary mention here goes to the marvelous Trude who hand whipped all the cream in the forest like an absolute boss.
Most recently Tore has had to set aside his complicated and mouth watering menu for HEX: The Great Exhibition due to a Covid-19 related postponement, but has been keeping busy by setting up our LIGHTHOUSE game forum for us.
Leif Erik ❤️- What would Riveting LARP be without LE? Technology-free and wallowing in the dark most likely! LE is our website genius and electronics expert. He maintains our website for us as well as bending his mind to creating props and stepping in when we need an NPC. Always there with a steady presence and solid advice we are so grateful for his support!
Tor Arild ❤️- Last but not least is the long suffering Tor. Riveting would be significantly less without Tor’s emotional support and willingness to parent solo while Jen takes off to organise and attend various LARPs and conventions on a regular basis. Thanks Tor!

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About Us

Riveting LARP is a dynamic female duo of LARP organisers based in the wilds of Trondheim, Norway.

We share years of experience with LARP, tabletop and online roleplaying games (RPGs), and storytelling between us. With a love of the dramatic and an equal delight in the low-key complex interpersonal dynamics, we hope to deliver LARPs that are interesting, fun and inclusive!

We have both been part of several organiser groups. HUSH! in 2019 was our first event organised as Riveting LARP. Since then we have had several other projects and more lined up as well. So stay tuned!

A media and communication connoisseur and generally a fun-loving geekgirl, she enjoys creating memorable moments for her players as a long time running game master of tabletop RPGs. With great enthusiasm she looks forward to having more stories come to life through LARP.  

A total Firefly and horror nerd, she loves to tell a story – particularly the dark and gritty kind. With a keen interest in social dynamics and a solid 18 years of writing experience playing and running RPGs online, she is thrilled to be getting her teeth into writing more LARPs.

We could not have this hobby without the love, patience and support from family and friends.

A very special thanks to everyone who has, and still are helping us out with media, practical, technical, and digital stuff.
You have a special place in our hearts and can consider yourselves Honorary Riveter Girls forever!

A big shout out to our friends and family who are sticking with us through all of this. Organising larps is fun but all consuming.
We know.

We ❤️ you all.