HEX – our new project!

We are already working on new projects and can now reveal the name and concept for our two-part larp event: HEX.

The first part is Hollow Earth Expedition Letter Larp (shortened to HEX Letter Larp) and the second is Hollow Earth: The Great Exhibition (shortened to HEX: The Great Exhibition), a one day Nordic Style larp in Trondheim, Norway.

It’s time to delve into the mysteries of Hollow Earth inspired by Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Centre of the Earth from 1864. Dust off your best Victorian/Edwardian stove-pipe pants and petticoats in this Gaslight Fantasy Adventure!

HEX Letter Larp will start November 1st 2019 (sign up in October!) to April 30th 2020.

HEX: The Great Exhibition is a one day larp in Trondheim, Norway 17th October 2020. Sign up ends March 2020.
You can sign up for both events or just one of them.