Covid-19/Corona Adjustments Update!

Norway continues its lock-down until after the Easter holiday and at the moment we don’t know what the future brings. This could most likely continue for a while and we are continuously discussing our options when it comes to HEX Letter Larp and HEX: The Great Exhibition.

HEX: The Great Exhibition: We are going forward as normal for now and unless something happens before, we will make a decision on August 17th to stay on course, cancel or postpone. We have updated our website with some adjustments. Originally we said that payment is in two installments, with the 1st payment due May 1st (non-refundable) and the 2nd due June 1st. We have postponed the payment dates to June 1st (1st payment) and July 1st (2nd payment). 

HEX Letter Larp: We are still accepting sign ups! We are now at 69 sign ups, 13 nationalities, with ages ranging 20-70. We are prolonging the letter larp by one more month, so now it ends on May 31st instead! We have said that it’s okay to take a break and we have also relaxed our ruling about email correspondence instead of letters as an adjustment to health regulations.